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BUS 350 Cultural Diversity in Organizations: Home

Sample Topics

  • Affirmative action
  • Racial discrimination in the workplace
  • International diversity
  • Diversity in religion
  • Issues around sexual harassment
  • Women and the workplace
  • Weight and appearance
  • Ageism
  • Issues around sexual orientation
  • Employees with disabilities

Tips and Tricks

Try using Google Docs to start a working bibliography that you can access from anywhere.  

Use your working bibliography to keep track of search terms, links, and citations.

Welcome to the BUS 350 Course Guide

This guide will help you throughout the research process.  

Use this guide to search the most relevant and credible encyclopedias, databases, books, and web sites.

Also, look for resources on citations and evaluating internet resources.

I recommend that you start your research by gathering some background information on your topic.  Reference sources can help you define your terms, generate search terms, and provide you with more sources. 

Books & Ebooks

Search the library catalog for books and ebooks on your topic. Some books contain multiple essays or collected articles on a variety of topics.