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Library Homepage: What's New in 2019?


1) We have introduced FREE color printing for members of our college community!

2) We now have two color printers.

3) We have moved some of our print release stations to "Printer's Row" on the north side of the main floor.  "Printer's Row" consists of three printer release stations, three black and white printers and two color/black and white printers.  We still have one black and white printer and print release station in each of the two library classrooms.

4) Our Scanning stations have moved to the north side of the main floor by "Printers Row." You will need to use your enumber and password in order to print in black and white.

4) You can now swipe your Jaypass to release your print jobs.

5) You no longer need to wait for the PaperCut print confirmation pop-up box.

5) Each of our printers is now distinguished by the name of a famous Chicago author: Here's a quick guide:

New Location New Name Type of Printer
First Floor Printers Row Brooks Black & White
First Floor Printers Row Hughes Black & White
First Floor Printers Row Cisneros Black & White
First Floor Printers Row Wright Color AND Black & White
First Floor Printers Row Monroe Color AND Black & White
First Floor Classroom Sandburg Black & White
Lower Level Cluster Hemingway Black & White
Poster Printer (by appt only)   Large Format Poster Printer


Check out our Printing Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Creature Comforts

  • Farmer's Fridge had been relocated to the lower level and will be restocked daily.
  • Starbucks is also open Monday-Friday for all of your caffeine needs.
  • Charging station for devices has been moved to the Reading Area on the main level.
  • Room 103C will be available by reservation after 6pm for group study.
  • The college's world famous Chicago Imagist and Abstractionist Art collection continues to be rehung throughout the building by curator and artist Suellen Roca.


1) The library now circulates 10 laptop computers for four hours for use within the building.

2) The library also circulates 2 TI 84 Plus calculators for two hours for use within the building.

3) The library no longer has Mac computers.

4) The library has added 8 additional PC's by the library classroom.

5) Don't forget that we have a PC lab on the lower level of the library.

New Electronic Databases