Reference Services

General Information

  • The reference desk is staffed during library hours.
  • When the reference desk is staffed the library also offers the opportunity for the Elmhurst College community to use its Instant Messaging (IM) reference services.
  • Call the reference desk at (630) 617-3173.
  • Members of the Elmhurst College community may submit reference questions via email.

Instant Messaging (IM) Reference Services

IM reference services are offered to all members of the Elmhurst College community. The library has created several different accounts that it monitors at the reference desk.

We currently are connected to the following IM providers with our screen names in parentheses:

  • Meebo (elmhurst_library)
  • AOL Instant Messenger/AIM (elmhrstcollibref)
  • Yahoo! Messenger (eclibraryreference)
  • MSN Messenger (

Access Meebo IM Services Within the Library Website

The library website is equipped with an embedded Meebo widget on every page in the left hand sidebar. Simply hover your mouse over the tab “Meebo Chat (IM)” and the chat box will appear. Note though that if you begin a conversation but navigate to another page your IM session will be lost. Please open up a new window if you need to navigate away from Meebo during your conversation.

Access Meebo IM Services Within Other Library Services

Currently the library also has embedded Meebo into its SFX results list. Please feel free to use the Meebo chat box if you become lost or confused while using SFX.

The library is currently looking into other ways to embed Meebo in more of its services.

Text/SMS Messaging Reference Services

Text/SMS reference services are offered to all members of the Elmhurst College community.

  • Send a text/SMS reference question to: 630-384-9409

See our text/SMS reference page for full details.

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