SMS/Text a Reference Question

Send Texts to 630-384-9409

What is text/SMS reference?

Text/SMS reference gives you the ability to ask a reference question via your handheld mobile device if it has texting/SMS services available.

Just like sending a text message to your friend, you can send a text/SMS question to a reference librarian and he or she will respond with a text message.

How do I send a text/SMS message to the reference desk librarian?

Each phone will be different, but start by entering the text/SMS section of your mobile phone:

  • Type 630-384-9409 for the number the message should be sent to
  • In the message section, type your question

How do I respond to a text/SMS message from the reference desk librarian?

You can respond to the reference librarian’s response in any other way you would a regular text/SMS message.

Should I always use text/SMS reference for my research questions?

No. Text/SMS reference is great for those short questions you may have. However, when you need help with more in depth research it would be best to call (630-617-3173) or come see a reference librarian at the reference desk.

How much does this cost me?

Your standard text/SMS message rates apply.

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