Policies and Prices


The library is not interested in making a profit off of the plotter. Rather, our intent is for the plotter to be self-supporting, with minimal impact on the library budget and on the faculty and students that we serve. As a result, there are fees for using the plotter. Rest assured that these prices were generated after much consideration, and are lower than the prices charged by commercial endeavors.

Please note that we do not accept cash, check, or credit card. These fees will be charged to the appropriate department account.

  • Price by Length: $1.00 per 6 inches or $2.00 per foot (rounded up to the nearest half-foot as needed)
  • 43 Inch Long Mailing Tube: $4.00
  • Display Tri-Fold Boards (Corrugated Cardboard, 36″ w x 48″ h): $8.50

We will not charge for mistakes as long as you stop the print job (by pressing the orange “Cancel” button on the plotter) within the first 6 inches. Do not leave your print job unattended.

In order not to incur unnecessary charges, it is advised that you check and double-check your work, and view your poster in Print Preview. Spell-check as necessary. Do a test print of your poster on a regular printer by using the “Scale to fit paper” option in the Print window.

If you are flying, it is advised that you check with your airline with regards to restrictions on carry-on items such as mailing tubes and display boards.


The plotter is a Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 500ps. It is useful for large-format printing, such as posters or banners. Its 1200-dpi resolution ensures that it will be useful for printing images and banners as well. It is set up to print from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader, and all Microsoft Office products (including PowerPoint and Publisher).

The plotter is to be used for academic purposes only, such as printing out a poster to present at a conference. Persons interested in using the plotter must do so by appointment (see the bottom of the page).

Posters and other items should be completed and saved on a floppy, Zip disk, or CD-ROM before being brought in for printing. Users may use the software on the computer in the Faculty Lab to make any necessary changes.

The plotter comes equipped with coated paper that is 42 inches in width. Please ask if you would like to print on a different type of medium.

Users are encouraged to not wait until the last minute to make an appointment. During high-use times, such as during the Research and Performance Showcase, this is especially important.

A member of the library staff will be on hand to assist you.

Intended Users

The plotter is not available for use by people outside of the current Elmhurst College community.

  • Faculty are welcome to use the plotter to support a variety of academic endeavors.
  • Staff may use the plotter to help support the academic endeavors of the college, for example, on behalf of a faculty member.
  • Students may use the plotter to print out presentations and posters for academic purposes only. Students must be accompanied by a sponsoring faculty member. In some instances, students will be required to attend an orientation before making an appointment to use the plotter. The plotter may not be used to print out posters for extracurricular organizations. Student organizations are reminded that Central Printing may serve their needs.


Appointments are required for using the plotter. Please call 630-617-3173 to make an appointment. Do not wait until the last minute to print out your poster. Library staff reserve the right to reschedule appointments if there is a timing conflict.

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