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BiD 335 Psychology and Political Philosophy of Gender: Journal Article Presentation

Publication Process

Popular Press: Material written for the general public.

Scholarly Journal: Articles written by experts in academic or professional fields.

Peer-Reviewed: Articles are submitted to rigorous scrutiny by other subject experts prior to publication.

Index, Abstract and Full-Text

Index - something that serves to guide, point out, or otherwise facilitate reference.

Abstract - a summary of the contents of the whole work.

Full-Text - a file of the complete work.

Finding Journal Articles

Use the following databases to find journals relevant to this class:

Footnote Chasing

Footnote Chasing (backward reference searching) is identifying and examining the references or works cited in an article of interest.  It is a way to:

  • learn about the development of knowledge on a topic of interest.  
  • study the origins and development of a theory, construct, or topic.
  • identify experts or institutions specializing in an area of study.