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Library COVID-19 Changes: Home

AC Buehler Library General Guidelines

  1. Always wear a mask. All library patrons need to wear their masks at all times, except for quick drinks or unless you are alone in a study room with the door closed.
  2. Practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart. 
  3. Limited occupancy for safety. 
  4. Patrons must have an appointment or a reservation in order to work at the library.  
  5. A Jaypass is required to enter the library. Show your Jaypass to the Greeter to enter the library. 
  6. If you just need to print, printing must be sent to Papercut Webprint prior to entering the Quick Print Access Line to release your print job. 
  7. As of January 4, food and beverages are not allowed in the library. 
  8. Patrons must disinfect workstations and work areas prior to using and upon leaving. 
  9. Please exit the library building as soon as your reservation expires or your appointment ends. 
  10. Library materials can be requested through the library catalog (Bluejay Search) for Curbside Pickup. Only Library staff will be allowed in the stacks.
  11. Use the book drop in the Atrium to return items. 

We appreciate everyone's help with these temporary measures to assist in keeping us all safe and healthy. We know these new policies are a big change for everyone and will take some getting used to. Please understand we are making decisions based on the current science with the goal of keeping everyone who works or studies in the library as safe as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Please familiarize yourself with updates from Elmhurst University's Official COVID-19 Updates page.

Reservations for Library Study Spaces

Currently, we are limiting the number of users and the types of spaces available for safety reasons. Additionally, to assist with contact tracing, we are requiring all library users to make a reservation for a study space or to have an appointment with someone in the building. 

Every person coming into the library must have their own reservation. This includes study rooms, which for safety are limited to one person occupancy. If two students want to study together there are tables downstairs with 2 individually bookable seats, or students can book 2 lounge seats spaced 6’ apart. Lounge seats are located on all floors of the library, the study tables are on the upper or lower levels. Also remember the upper level of the library is quiet space.

In order to make a reservation for a Study Space: 

  1. Prior to coming to the library, visit Reserve-A-Seat in order to make a reservation for a study room, study table, comfy reading chair, or computer workstation. Reservations can be made for a 2.5 hour period of time. 

  2. The library has ONE study room (main floor 103C) available as a 2 person-study space, first-come-first-serve.

  3. The library classroom (main floor 103) is also open to reserve a computer workspace, with preference given to those needing synchronous online class space. Please note that there are no headphones, webcams, or microphones on the computers in the classroom. 

  1. When entering the library for your reservation time, please enter the Seat Reservation/Appointment line and check in with the Greeter at the Greeter Desk. Be prepared to show your Jaypass to the Greeter for entry. 

  1. Disinfect your workstation prior to use and when you are done. 

  1. Please always maintain a social distance of 6 feet in the library. 

  1. Please exit the library when your reservation time has expired. 

Seats may be reserved seven days in advance. Seats may be booked for more than one 2.5 hour slot per day per person but cannot be back-to-back-- there must be a two hour period between seat reservations. At this time, individuals may not book multiple seats or renew seat reservations. There will be limited walk-up seats available. If you have specific questions about seat reservations, please email the library at or call 630-617-3160.

Library Space and Synchronous Class

Students are welcome to use the Reserve-a Seat system for space to attend synchronous online classes if needed. However, students should consider the following list of challenges:

  • Students are encouraged to bring and use their own device (laptop, iPad, smartphone etc.) for synchronous class attendance. At this time the library does not have laptops or other mobile technology to lend.
  • Library computers are not equipped with webcams or microphones. The library sells earbud-style headphones for $1 at the Circulation Desk. Students attending class must follow the rules for using headphones. 
  • Students who are attending synchronous class in the library are asked to reserve spaces on the lower or main levels instead of the upper level of the library to preserve quiet study for others.
  • Study rooms may be reserved for this purpose, as can seats in the Library Classroom. Study rooms may be reserved for 2.5 hour blocks in order to accommodate students taking two M-W-F 65 minute classes back to back.
  • Students are welcome to bring headsets with microphones to plug into library devices, but we will not be able to assist with troubleshooting of non-library equipment. Students who require assistance should contact the Office of Information Services Help Desk.
  • Students should be mindful that when attending class in the library (or other shared campus spaces) that others may hear and see their contributions to class. We cannot guarantee a private space (except for the study rooms, which are more, but not completely, private). 

Other Spaces on Campus for Online Synchronous Learning

This fall, several classrooms across campus are dedication for use with remote learning in online synchronous or hybrid synchronous courses.  These classrooms have been reserved for remote learning between 7:30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. There is no need to reserve space in these rooms--they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Signs will be posted on the doors to all these rooms, as well as at building entrances, to identify these rooms as remote learning rooms. None of these rooms, even those with computers, have microphones or webcams available. The Spring 2021 remote learning rooms are:

  • Circle Hall 131

  • Daniels 307

  • Hammerschmidt 005

  • Irion 111

  • Memorial 101

  • Old Main 102

  • Schaible 004

  • Schaible 138

  • Schaible 138

Please be courteous when you use these rooms--remain masked and socially distanced, no food or drink, and please use headphones if others are in the room with you. There will be additional space available in the Frick Center, including the new commuter lounge just down the hall from the Roost. 

Course Reserves 2020-2021


Due to the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to follow American Library Association (ALA) recommendations for library materials handling and safety, the AC Buehler Library is recommending digital reserves for 2020-2021. We encourage faculty to identify course reserve needs as early as possible so that we have time to identify and source electronic versions. Please contact your liaison librarian with course reserve requests to begin the process.

While we will make every attempt to acquire digital items for course reserve, not all requested materials have a digital version available for library purchase or subscription. In those cases, the library will work with faculty to do a fair use assessment to determine if a portion of the requested materials can be made available through digitization.


Please request ONLY required materials. Recommended readings should not be placed on reserve.

Printing and Scanning

Printers /scanning will be accessible in two different ways.  

  • Quick Print Access/Scanning – for people who need to print/scan and go 
  • 2.5 Hour Computer Reservation – for people who need a longer time at the computer 

If you need to quickly print or scan an item, please: 

  1. Prior to entering the library, send your print job to Papercut Webprint in the portal. No prior action is required for scanning.
  2. Enter the Quick Print Access Line at the library. Maintain social distance from others in line.
  3. Swipe your Jaypass to contactlessly release your print job. 
  4. If you type your e-number and password to release your print job, please disinfect the keyboard when you are done. 
  5. Exit the Library immediately after collecting your print job. 

If you need to reserve a computer in order to work/print:  

  1. Prior to coming to the library, please visit the Reserve-A-Seat website in order to reserve your computer workstation for a 2.5 hour block. Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance. 
  2. Enter the Reservation/Appointment Line at the Library. 
  3. Check in with the Greeter at entrance to the library. Show your Jaypass to the Greeter. 
  4. Maintain a social distance of 6 feet apart from others.  
  5. Disinfect your workstation prior to and after use. Check In and Check Out using the QR code or URL posted by the workstation.
  6. Exit the Library immediately when your reservation expires.

There are other printers across campus in the Commuter Lounge in the Frick Center and the lower level of the Chapel.

Library materials

All library items will be quarantined for 72 hours to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We ask that you do not pull items off the shelves yourself or return items to the shelves. Return pulled items to the Circulation Desk or checked out items to the Book Drop in the Atrium. Please use our new Bluejay Search to assist you in finding items or contact a librarian by using IM a librarian or emailing 

If you need items from the shelves of the AC Buehler library or via interlibrary loan, you can request those items online. 

Curbside Pick-Up - For items you need from the shelf, can wait until the next day for pick up or if you are requesting an interlibrary loan item, please log into our new catalog - “Bluejay Search” - locate your item and select “Request for Curbside Pick-Up” for our items or “Request through I-Share” if your item is an interlibrary loan. 

Returning items - Please return all items through the book drop at the top of the stairs and to the north of the interior doors in the Library Atrium. This will help minimize people accessing the building and will assist staff in material handling. 

Course Reserve Items - All physical course reserve materials will be quarantined for 72 hours between uses. Please plan accordingly. Many faculty have opted to provide course reserve material digitally through their Blackboard courses. Ask your instructor or IM a librarian for help. 

Reference Items – Please ask a Circulation Desk staff member to assist you.  They will need to know if you need photocopying or scanning and can quarantine the item for you when you are finished. 

Newspapers - Newspapers are being held behind the Circulation Desk.  

Magazines - We ask that you do not pull items off the shelves yourself or return items to the shelves. Return items to the Circulation Desk. If you need help for periodicals, please ask at the Circulation Desk. 

Library appointments

Currently, we are limiting the number of users who visit our building. Additionally, to assist with contact tracing, we are requiring all library building users to have an appointment with someone in the building or to Reserve-A-Seat for a study space in the library. 

In order to make an appointment with an individual who works in the library building (Librarians, Learning Center, Weigand Center for Professional Excellence, or Honors Program)

  1. Prior to coming to the library, please make an appointment with the individual in the department you would like to visit. 

  1. When entering the library for your appointment time, please enter the Seat Reservation/Appointment line and check in with the Greeter at the Greeter Desk. Be prepared to show your Jaypass to the Greeter for entry. 

  1. You may be escorted to and from your appointment by a staff member. 

  1. Please always maintain a social distance of 6 feet in the library. 

  1. Please exit the library when your appointment time has expired. 

Librarians may be contacted at their individual email addresses, via, or through IM on the library homepage