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ELM 300 Creating Your ePortfolio: Uploading Video to Google Sites


Inserting Images and Videos in Google Sites


Use the following procedure when inserting an image or video into your Google Site.  This procedure involves first uploading the artifact into a Google Drive folder, and then, embedding the artifact into your Sites page.

Uploading a video or image into your Google Drive


These instructions are written for videos, if you are inserting images, the instructions are the same, simply substitute “image” for “video”.

  1. In Google Drive, go to the folder that you have created specifically for your site artifacts.  If you do not have one, create one now.
    - Use the “New” button in the upper left of the Drive screen.

  2. Upload the artifact into that folder.
    - Use the “New” button in the upper left of the Drive screen.

  3. Make sure the access permissions on the folder will allow anyone who can view your Site to also view these artifacts.  For example, if your site allows anyone at Elmhurst College to view it, the access permissions on the folder need to be set to the same.  For EDU ePortfolio sites we recommend that you set the site and folder access so that only your instructors can edit and view them.
    - To set the site access permissions, see this video.
    Google Sites: Changing Access Permissions
    - To set the folder access permissions, see this video.
    Google Drive: Changing Folder Access Permissions


Inserting a video or image from Drive into your Site

  1. In your Google Site, go to the page into which you are going to insert the video.

  2. Go to the section into which you will insert your video.

  3. In the area in which you want the video to appear, double click on the background.  A circular selection popup will appear from which you can select “Drive”. Do so.

  4. Find the video that you want in the panel that just opened to the right, and double click on it.  

  5. The video is inserted at the location that you chose … probably.  Google Sites has its own ideas about where things should go and you might have to move and resize your video.  An alternative method is described in the next step.

  6. If you don’t have a particular panel into which you are going to place your video, just go to the Insert panel on the right and choose Drive.  Repeat step 4 above.

  7. Resize and move your video to the position where you want it to be.

See this video that covers the steps above.

Google Sites: Inserting a Video Into Your Site

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