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PSY 312: Personality Theory and Research: Finding Articles

Publication Process

Popular Press: Material written for the general public.

Scholarly Journal: Articles written by experts in academic or professional fields.

Peer-Reviewed: Articles are submitted to rigorous scrutiny by other subject experts prior to publication.

Article Types

Empirical Article: Research articles describe and document research conducted by the author(s). Empirical studies are based on data derived from observation or experimentation. Research articles usually comprise an abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, list of references and appendices.

Literature Review: An article in which the authors present the findings of other scholars studies. A literature review identifies major scholars and studies in a particular research area, summarizes current findings and provides a robust bibliography.

Here's a refresher of what you learned in class about the difference between empirical and literature review articles.

Finding an Article in a Reference List

Psychology Databases

Personality Journals

We subscribe to these and many other Personality journals.  Use the Find a Journal feature to figure out which title and volumes we own and which databases they are located in.

  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Journal of Individual Differences
  • Personality and Individual Differences
  • Personality Psychology
  • Journal of Research in Personality
  • Understanding Personality Development

Library Contact Information

Reference Desk
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