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URB 210: Cities: Chicago Website Resources

Chicago Neighborhood Websites

Chicago History Museum

Chicago Collections Neighborhoods

Chicago Community Snapshots

Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago Police Clear Maps

Chicago Politics from the UIC Department of Political Science

Chicago Public Library

Chicago Reader

Chicago Traveler Neighborhood Tours

The Encyclopedia of Chicago

DePaul University: Chicago Research Guide

Digital Library of Illinois and Chicago History

Dreamtown Chicago Neighborhoods

lllinois Action for Children ~ Good Census Data

Library of Congress

National Archives

Newberry Library's Chicago Neighborhood Guide

Newberry Library's Digital Resource Page

TPS Barat Primary Source Nexis: Chicago

University of Chicago Library Guide on Chicago Census Information

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC): Great Cities Institute

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Imagebase

Urban Experience in Chicago

Illinois Digital Archives

Illinois State Archives


Census Quick Facts for the City of Chicago

City of Chicago Census Block File Datasets (which require downloads)

Rob Paral Associates Census Data and Trends

Primary Sources on Illinois History from a teacher at IMSA

he Thrillist ~ What Neighborhood should I move to?‚Äč Cook County


APA style was developed by the American Psychological Association. The social sciences often use APA style for documenting sources.