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SPE 316: Literacy III: K-12 Instructional Strategies and Interventions ~ HyperDoc Workshop: HyperDoc Assignment

HyperDoc Assignment

SPE 316:  Hyperdoc – 25 points


With your partner – create a hyperdoc (using Google Docs) for students in grades 6-12 grade.  The hyperdoc will require students to listen or read authentic text, apply a reading comprehension strategy based on the text, and then respond or share something about the text in a creative format.   The hyperdoc will be due on 11/12 (one hyperdoc for both students).  Examples are on the SPE 316 library page.


The hyperdoc will include (these categories can be renamed):

Age and grade appropriate text – see below (2)

Connection or hook (2)

Engagement Activity (Explore or Engage) (2)

Reader Response Activity (Explain: show what you know) (2)

Independent Application (Apply) (2)

10 points:


The hyperdoc will:

Be colorful, creative, and engaging for the student (2)

Use clear, understandable student friendly language (2)

Require the student to use the strategy (2)

Be sequenced in a clear order (2)

Be activity based (2)

10 points:


Resources (reading material for students): (have to register to get reading material but its free)


5 points

Includes everything needed – weblinks that work

Error free (content, spelling, mechanics, citations)

Activities make sense for grade level and incorporate use of strategy