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SPE 270 Brain Learning Research & Educational Practice: Webquest Overview

Webquest Components

Your task is to create a Webquest that integrates reading into a content area assignment for your students.

The WebQuest assignment will help your students learn how to use the Internet to gather information on a particular idea or topic. A Webquest is a journey through multiple websites to gather information and complete a specific task. As intended by the name, it is done on the Internet. Your WebQuest should be colorful and eye-appealing for your students and have at least 3 different links that they can go to for the information they need to complete their task. 

Below are details that need to be included:

  1. An introduction stating the purpose of this webquest, and who the Webquest is made for(the population that you'll be using this with)

  2. The task is what the students are trying to accomplish by completing the Webquest.

  3. The process is what the students will need to do to accomplish the Webquest. This may include questions the student may need to ask him/herself to complete the task and the multiple websites that are linked to your webquest that will help your students accomplish the task.

  4. An evaluation rubric (with three levels) is created so the students know what they need to do to get an unsatisfactory, target, or accomplished score for their journey and completed project.

  5. A conclusion summarises their learning experiences, accomplishments and final project.

  6. A Teacher Page including the following information given below.

Your Teacher Page should include the following:

  1. State Standards AND objectives that will be taught through this learning experience - for both reading and the content area. 

  2. Explain where this assignment falls in the entire learning process as it relates to a unit or topic. For example, does it fall in the beginning to provide needed background information for future lessons? Does this activity fall in the middle of a unit to enrich your students understanding of the topic? Will it take place at the end of the unit/topic as a culminating experience.