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FYS 100-27: Braam / Mixon - Chicago: A Global City: Information Credibility & Election 2020

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How Can We Tell If a Source is Credible?

When doing academic research we have to use credible sources.

How can we tell what sources can be considered as credible?
  • The research information should be written by experts in the field or well-known author.
  • You should use academic databases the library provides you access to or respected news sources.
  • You need to look at web addresses or URLS to see who is publishing the information you are viewing.
  • You need to look at the date of the materials or website.
Do not use information 
  • from sources you do not know.
  • from social media like blogs or instagram
  • from biased news sources
  • from commercial websites
  • from Wikipedia
Things to look for
  • Who is creating this information?
  • Why is this being written?
  • How old is the information?
  • How can I contact this person?
  • How can I verify this information?
  • Is anyone benefiting from the release of this information?
  • Has this information been verified by experts in the field?
  • What if I am not sure of the answer to these questions? Don't use the source and look for other credible resources.