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FYS 100-01 (SP 2023): Sobey - Holocaust and Film: Home

Publication Process

Popular Press: Material written for the general public.

Scholarly Journal: Articles written by experts in academic or professional fields.

Peer-Reviewed: Articles are submitted to rigorous scrutiny by other subject experts prior to publication.

Finding Films at AC Buehler

Identifying Bias

  • Heavily opinionated or one-sided
  • Relies on unsupported or unsubstantiated claims
  • Presents highly selected facts that lean to a certain outcome
  • Pretends to present facts, but offers only opinion
  • Uses extreme or inappropriate language
  • Excludes critical voices/sources
  • Tries to persuade you to think a certain way with no regard for factual evidence
  • The author is unidentifiable, lacks expertise, or writes on unrelated topics
  • Is entertainment-based or a form of parody or satire
  • Tries to sell you something in disguise