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CSD 507 Research Methods: Reference Sources & Articles

Background Research

The following resources are intended to help you begin to research a topic. You will use most of these as reference works, or to find background information on your topic. They can also be helpful in terms of exploring the possibilities for research questions.

Find Articles

Find Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses

About systematic reviews (from the Cochrane website): "A systematic review identifies an intervention for a specific disease or other problem in health care, and determines whether or not this intervention works. To do this authors locate, appraise and synthesize evidence from as many relevant scientific studies as possible. They summarize conclusions about effectiveness, and provide a unique collation of the known evidence on a given topic, so that others can easily review the primary studies for any intervention." 

But how do I get the full text articles?

If you have a DOI, scroll down on the Citation Linker page and enter it instead of all of the other citation information.