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EMP General Library Resources: Using Google Effectively

General Tips

General Tips

  • Google defaults to an “AND” Boolean search for all your keywords

  • To force a common word (the, a, an, how, where, why) to be included in the search use +word 

  • or “your search phrase”

    • OR is still “OR” 

    • For “NOT” try a “-word”

    • For synonyms try “~word”  

    • Wildcard *  “word * word”

Even MORE Tips (Advanced Search Operators)

Even MORE Tips...

Some advanced Google search operators can be found in a comprehensive list here (courtesy MIT Libraries):

More Tips...

More Tips...

  • I’m Feeling Lucky takes you directly to the first web page Google returned for your query 

  • Limit keywords to title, URL or text

    • allintitle: (allintitle:word)

    • site: (word

  • Ordering of keywords

    • The first word gets the most importance.

    • Reorder words if your search doesn’t bring what you want it to 

  • Repetition of keywords

    • Repeating words gives them more importance.  Repeat the second word to give it equal weight as the first.