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BUS 444 Financial Institutions: Financial/ Ratio/ Industry

Industry Information

Reference resources can give a general overview or introduction to a topic, can provide definitions, and are useful for generating search terms.
Also, business reference resources are extremely important in providing a variety of data like statistics, historical charts, industry overviews, and company histories. 


 Online resources:

Ratios and competitors

These resources are both useful and portable (you have access to them anywhere), and tend to be more authoritative then most content you'll find on the web

  • Company Research/ Ratios/ Analysis
    • Reuters Finance

      Enter a stock symbol, and choose "Financials" in the results

    • 10-K filings
  • General Reference

    Useful for accounting ratios and principals

    • The Motley Fool

      Use the search function and enter your ratio. Registration is free and provides access to all content

    • Investopedia

      These entries are not authored by paid or scholarly contributors

Company Information


Online resources: