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ENG 416 History & Structure of English: OED


This is the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. This link goes to the main page. See the box to the right for direct links to OED pages that will help with the worksheet.

Some print resources

If you wish to use some paper versions of the OED or some OED guides, here's some ideas:


    • Compact Oxford English Dictionary: Complete Text Reproduced Micrographically, 2nd ed. 1991. Reference R 423 O981991 ~ this edition comes with a microprint magnifier

    • Oxford English Dictionary. Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary. 1972. Reference R 423 O98SUPP ~ Four volumes published from 1972 to 1986

    • The Oxford English Dictionary: Being a Corrected Reissue... 1978. Reference R 423 O98 ~ a reprint of the 1933 edition

OED user guides

  • A User's Guide to the Oxford English Dictionary. 1991. Reference R 423 O981991 User's Guide ~ Ask for this at the Reference Desk

  • Help with Using OED Online ~ information on the bibliography, abbreviations, and symbols

Some Useful OED Pages

The handout worksheet is structured for the paper version of the OED. You'll need to dig a little deep in order to answer the questions with the online version. Some of the info you need can be found here:

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