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Library Staff Directory: Library Staff Directory

Library Staff Directory

All phone numbers begin with (630) 617-; all email addresses end with

Name Extension Email address
Donna Carlson, Acquisitions Assistant 3509 carlsond
Carolyn Ciesla, Director of the Library 3172 carolyn.ciesla
Travis Givens, Head of Access Services 3169 travis.givens
Donna Goodwyn, Head of Reference 3171 donnamg
Jacob Hill, Instruction/Reference Librarian 3168 jacobh
Allison Isztok, Access Services Specialist 3161 allison.isztok
Peyton Miller, Access Services 3160 peyton.miller
Ruth Nelson, Evening/Weekend Reference Librarian 3173 ruth.nelson
Elaine Fetyko Page, Head of Technical Services, University Archivist 3166 elainep
Jennifer Paliatka, Instruction/Reference Librarian 3158 jenniferp
Julie Perenchio, First Year Experience Librarian 3639 julie.perenchio
Ricky Rodriguez, Evening/Weekend Reference Librarian 3173 ricardo.rodriguez
Brenda Williams, Access Services 3167 brenda.williams
George Woolsey, Cataloging Assistant 3163 georgew
Kelly Reiss, Substitute Evening/Weekend Reference Librarian 3173 reissk
Mary-Carol Riehs, Substitute Evening/Weekend Reference Librarian 3173 marycarol.riehs