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BUS 230 Principles of Marketing: Marketing, Demographics, Industry

Industry/ Competitor Information

Reference resources can give a general overview or introduction to a topic, can provide definitions, and are useful for generating search terms.
Also, business reference resources are extremely important in providing a variety of data like statistics, historical charts, industry overviews, and company histories. 


 Online resources:

Marketing/ Demographics

Use these resources to find information relating to local, state, national, and international demographics.


  • The Lifestyle Market Analyst (SRDS) tells you what the range of interests of a given market demographic are; Print, 658.834 L 723
  • The Who's Buying Series are based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics Expenditure Survey, and cover a range of consumer products and services; editions are available online in Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Online resources:

Salary and Wage Information


  • Employment, Hours, and Earnings: States and Areas - R331.2 U58emp
  • American Salaries and Wages Survey - R331.2 A512sw

Economic Indicators and Trends