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EU STEM Academy Research Guide: Start Generally

In the Beginning....

There are lots of different ways of starting the process of doing research. 

One place to start is with General Resources or with Newspapers and Magazines.

General Resources are encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, and other reference sources that give you an overview or broad picture of your topic.
Newspapers and Magazines will give you a good, general  introduction to a topic or issue.

You should consider starting your research process generally if:

  • You are starting research on an unfamiliar topic
  • You need some background information on your topic
  • You find "holes" in your information as you do other research and want to fill them in

General Resources in the A.C. Buehler Library

Newspaper and Magazine articles

These databases are good sources for popular press articles. You can also use them to get at the full text of articles when you hit  a "paywall" on a news website.

Using the Discovery System to Find LOTS of stuff

You can find over 350,000 e-books, print books, Newspapers articles, DVD's, streaming videos, and scholarly and popular journals artcles from all disciplines through Bluejay Search.