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NRS 503: Applied Research for Clinical Leadership: Databases

Primary Nursing Databases

Setting up your CINAHL search
Generally, we are looking for research articles published in nursing journals from the United States. To do this most effectively, scroll down to the "Search Options" section- you should set most (but perhaps not all) of the following parameters:

  • English Language checkbox
  • Research Article checkbox
  • Any Author is a Nurse checkbox (depending on the assignment)
  • Peer Reviewed checkbox (depending on the assignment)
  • Under Journal Subset, select "Nursing"
  • Under Geographic Subset, select "USA"

  • To look for a specific journal, such as Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing:
  • After you enter your search terms, type your journal name in a search box and select "Journal title" from the menu list to the right of the box.

Evidence-Based Care sheets

  • To view reviews of subject-specific evidence-based literature, click on "Evidence Based Care Sheets" at the top of the page. 

Search Tips and Saving Searches

Find Systematic Reviews

Best Practices Guidelines