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ES 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies: Home

Early Works of Environment Scholars

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring (1962),
Garrett Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons (1968),

More  general  examples  (some  alluded  to  by  Hardin)  of  potential  and  actual tragedies include:

1.  Uncontrolled human population growth leading to overpopulation. 

2.  Air, whether ambient air polluted by industrial emissions and cars among other sources of air pollution, or indoor air 

3.  Water – Water pollution, water crisis of over-extraction of groundwater and wasting water due to over irrigation

4.  Forests – Frontier logging of old growth forest and slash and burn

5.  Energy  resources  and  climate –  Environmental  residue  of  mining  and drilling, Burning of fossil fuels and consequential global warming

6.  Animals – Habitat destruction and poaching leading to the Holocene mass extinction 

7.  Oceans – Overfishing 

(Hardin, G (1968);  I.A. Shiklomanov, (2000); Wilson, E.O., (2002); and Leakey, Richard and Roger Lewin, 1996) 

 C. Anukwonke.  The Concept of Tragedy of the Commons: Issues and Applications: DOI  - 10.13140/RG.2.1.4977.9362

General Resources

A Few Topics in Environmental Science

  • Acid Rain , Air Pollution, Biodiversity, Chernobyl Disaster,Clean Air ActClimate ChangeCoral ReefsDeep Sea Mining DeforestationDroughtEarthquakesFloodingForest ConservationForest FiresHurricanesInvasive Species,