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Writing Contest: 2-Sentence Horror Story

Thank you to everyone who participated in our very first 2-Sentence Horror Story Contest! We hope you had as much fun writing them as the judges did reading them!

Without further ado, here are this year's winners and their entries.

Folsade Ajayi

I was in my room when I hear my mom call me downstairs. As I was walking down the hall, my mom grabbed me into her room and with panicked eyes said, "I heard it too".

Gabriel Galindo

Every time I played hide and seek, I made sure no one ever found me, not even my own parents. Now, I wish someone had already found me, for my body feels cold and damp while it decays in this dark abyss.

Carly Serpe

On the first day of school my roommate Megan told me there was something under her bed, I looked down to see another Megan saying there’s someone on top of her bed. I’m unsure of who I spend every day with now, for one had to go.

Congratulations to the winners!