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MUS 343 / 344 History and Literature of Music: Writing and Citing

MLA Handbook


Ask a librarian if you need help finding a citation, are unsure of when to cite, or need assistance formatting a citation in MLA format.

Citing IMSLP

Please notice that you have to include the original producer of the score as well as the link to IMSLP

Here's where to find the link for IMSLP scores:


Avoid Plagiarism

  • Keep careful research notes and keep track of citations and where your information comes from.

  • Copy and paste judiciously.

  • Remember that most of the words you are using should be yours. Quotes from sources should be used to bolster your ideas.

  • If you paraphrase or quote, you need to cite.  Other people's ideas need to be credited as well as their quoted words.