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NRS Search Strategies : Practice pt. 2

Exercise 2

Let's try this exercise with a new topic:

"Creating a culture of safety"

First, create a list of appropriate keywords from this topic. Don't forget to inlcude outcome-related terms, such as "injury prevention." Using your list, try the "Suggest subject headings" search to locate a few relevant subjects.

  • List the relevant subjects you found. How many did you find?
  • Do you have any complementary subjects that you could combine for a search?

Use these subjects to perform a search.

  • Did you get any useful results?
  • Try using the "Select a field" boxes next to the seach boxes, and change your subjects to "TX All Text."

  • How did this affect your results?

Using "all text" instead of subject headings gives you a lot of results, but not much relevant content. Let's use the Subject: Major Heading tool on the left hand side of the results page to find more subject headings.

  • Did you get an additional useful headings?
  • If you repeat the search with a new heading, do you get more relevant results?