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KIN 490 Research Methods in Exercise Science: Writing and Citing for Kinesiology Research

Scientific Style and Format - Council of Science Editors

Helpful Website for Council of Science Editors Scientific Style & Format

CSE Citation Quick Guide from Washington State University Libraries

For purposes of this course, please follow these guidelines in your reference list:

  • There is hanging indentation in each reference
  • Single space the reference section to conserve paper
  • Include a blank line in between any two references so that each reference is easier to read. 

Abbreviating Journal Titles for CSE Style

Do not capitalize all letters of the title of a journal when abbreviated, in other words it should appear as Med Sci Sports Exerc, and not as MED SCI SPORTS EXERC. There are rare exceptions to this, such as JAMA. Find your source in the NLM Catalog and use the abbreviation that they utilize. If any of your journal articles come from a journal which is not available in the NLM Catalog, you will need to create your own abbreviations. According to of the CSE manual, "Abbreviate 'significant words'...and omit other words such as articles, conjunctions, and prepositions."

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