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A.C. Buehler Library Mission Statement: Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The A.C. Buehler Library supports the vision and mission of Elmhurst College to make a difference in the lives of students so that they can make a difference in the world. As a teaching library, the Library is committed to an active role in the preparation of students for a lifetime of purposeful learning for professional excellence in an information technology based society.

The A.C. Buehler Library fulfills its mission by:

  • Teaching students to be successful, ethical information users.
  • Facilitating access to information resources through a variety of user-centered information services.
  • Selecting, organizing, and efficiently managing a collection of books, periodicals, electronic resources, and multimedia materials.
  • Encouraging and supporting faculty and students in the use of emerging learning technologies.
  • Providing a welcoming, collaborative space for the community of scholars.
  • Cooperating with regional, national, and international libraries and library organizations.

We value:

  • Information literacy learning and teaching as central to library programs, services, management.
  • Central, highly visible role of the college library within the campus community.
  • Collaboration, innovation, creativity, and risk taking.
  • Intercultural learning and multicultural diversity.
  • Teaching role of librarians and libraries.
  • Technology leadership role of librarians and libraries.
  • Ethical use of information, privacy, Library Bill of Rights.
  • Library best practices.
  • Continuous professional growth and development for all library staff.
  • Cooperation among libraries and librarians.

September 2007

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