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Cloud File Hosting Options

Web file hosting options
Listed below are several options for saving your files to “the cloud” (i.e. on the web). The advantage of cloud-saving, as opposed to saving to your computer or a flash drive, is universal accessibility to your files wherever you have an internet connection. Cloud storage removes the need for physical access to your desktop or a storage device…any computer is, in essence, “your” computer. In addition, some tools (such as Google’s Drive) combine storage with productivity interfaces, allowing instant multiple-user collaboration.

Google Drive

  • 5GB file storage, upgradable
  • Can sync with computer
  • Supports most file formats
  • Has cloud versions of productivity software (document=Word, spreadsheet=Excel, more)
    • can edit files with other users
  • free, with pay upgrades available


  • free and “Pro” versions
    • Free version allows 2gb storage
  • Can sync with your computer, so that files save to dropbox also save to you home/ office computer
  • Supports all file formats
  • Public or private settings


  • Ad-supported uploads/ downloads
  • 200MB per file
  • Free version allows 10gb storage
    • Can be upgraded for more storage
  • Private and public settings


  • free and “pro” versions
  • all uploaded files are put in public domain
    • Pro version allows private uploads
  • files viewable online (no download required)
    • allowed files: documents, presentations, .pdfs
  • 100MB max upload (no cap on storage)
  • Any uploaded file can be downloaded

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