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Libguides Help for Librarians: The Basics

Get Started with Libguides

Log On to Libguides

On the library website ( click Login to LibApps in the lower right-hand corner, and log on with your Libguides credentials.  

What do you want to do? 

Use the toolbar to navigate.  Go to Home for most non-administrative tasks.  

This list is not an exhaustive list of things you can do; see Help for tips and tutorials.

LibGuides banner: LibGuides; Home; Content; Tools; Statistics; Admin; Help.


  • Create a new guide
  • Edit existing guides
  • Edit profile box
  • Manage your images


  • See and edit all guides
  • Manage assets
    • links, databases, etc.
  • Manage all images


  • Create widgets to embed
  • Data exports
  • Link checker (this only works if links are formatted as a link in LibGuides)
  • Search & Replace (make mass edits across a guide, page, content box, or item)


  • track and export usage statistics for the system, guides, and assets


  • System settings
    • system information, proxy, defaults, social media
  • Look & feel
    • banner, footer, tab & box options, custom JS/CSS, page layout (templates)
  • Subjects, tags & friendly URLs
    • subjects link to A-Z guide subject categories and to lists of guides
  • Accounts
  • Alert boxes
    • we haven't used these


  • links to Springshare documentation & support


Create A New Guide

Log into LibGuides and select Home from the toolbar.  Choose Create Guide.

You have two options: Start fresh (default), or Copy an existing guide.

  • Enter a guide name
  • Select the guide type
    • ‚ÄčIf you want your guide to show up in the list of course guides, select Course Guide.

Click Create Guide at the bottom.

Blank guide: a pictoral explanation

Publish Your Guide

Once your guide has been created and filled with content, it needs to be published with a subject association so that it shows up on the library homepage's lists of course guides.

  • If you did not select the guide type when you created your guide, click the gear in the small toolbar at the right and  select Guide Type & Group.  
  • Choose Course Guide.

Click the red Unpublished button.  Change the status to Published.