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POL 201 American Federal Government Walker: Article Sources

Making this easy.

The resources on this page will help you find your political articles for this class. Don't forget that you can look at all levels of news--national, or every level of local. You are looking for articles that relate to the United States and the articles have to be policy-oriented.

Just a few ideas....

Gun Control 
School Shootings
Abortion Restrictions
Climate Change
Public Health
Election Interference
Voting by Mail
Systemic Racism
Supreme Court Reform
Term Limits
Covid 19 Vaccine Mandates
Police Reform
Monkeypox Vaccine




News on the Internet

Most of the articles you will find by searching on Internet news sites. it's usually more efficient to search on a news source's website rather than trying to wade through a Google News results list. All major (and many local) news sources have websites. Try some of these as a starting point:

Finding Articles with Citations and Interlibrary Loan

News Databases

You can use these databases to find full text versions of the articles you found on the web, if they aren't available there. Or you can try searching in them to start.