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Wireless Printing - Papercut

Wireless Printing

Have you ever needed to print a paper in a hurry?  With PaperCut, you can submit print jobs to any campus printer open lab from your own computer, on or off campus. If you would like to print to a library printer:

  1. Log in to the My Elmhurst Campus Portal at
  2. Click on the PaperCut icon.                 paper cut icon
  3. Click on the Submit a Job link
    1. Select the kind of printing you would like to use (color or black & white, double-sided or single-sided)
    2. Set the number of copies you would like
    3. Upload your document *
  4. Log in or swipe your Jaypass at any PaperCut release station by the printers for black and white or at Printer Wright or printer Monroe for color print jobs and release your print job.


* Papercut Web print only supports the file types listed below.

Where is my print job?

In the library, log in at the print release stations and release your print job. There are three black and white printers (Brooks, Hughes and Cisneros) and two color printers (Monroe and Wright) on the north end of the main floor. Black and white print jobs may be released at any station; color print jobs must be released at either Monroe or Wright. Additionally, black and white printers and release stations are available in the library classroom (103) and the library cluster (008).

If you have trouble with PaperCut please ask for assistance.

Important Note

Print jobs that you submit through PaperCut will wait for you for 12 hours. These jobs are deleted if you do not print them at a print release station within this time.