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ENG 106 Composition II : The Research Process

Getting Started

The research process usually follows a path from general to specific kinds of information. Most of the time when researching a topic for a project, you start with general knowledge--things you already know or information you gather from general sources. As you learn more about the topic and find what interests you, you move into more specific information.

This ENG 106 course guide will lead you through the research process, and provide links to resources at the A.C. Buehler Library where you can search for the information you need.

To use the resources on this page, click on the tabs above.

Research Inventories

Doing a research inventory at the beginning of your project can be very helpful. 

  • It helps you figure out what info you are starting with.
  • It gives you a start deciding on search terms.
  • It helps you identify questions you have on the topic.

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