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Release Notes & New Features: Enrollments

Enroll Students from Bluenet Using an e-Number String

As of 1/1/14, faculty will not have to enroll students in Blackboard couses. Students will be automatically enrolled based on the information pulled from Bluenet. 

Contact your departmental library liaison if you need further assistance.

Enroll Students Using a Single e-Number or Last Name

This option works best for enrolling a small number of students.  If you are enrolling an entire class, use an e-number string as described above. 

1)  In the control panel, select "Users and Groups", then select "Users."



2)  Click "Find Users to Enroll." 


3)  Enter the students' e-numbers in the "Username" space, each separated by a comma and a space.  Using the drop-down menu beside "Role", select "Student."



3.5)  Alternatively, click "Browse" to search for an e-number by last name.  




Once you select "Go", a list will be generated.  You may have to click "Show All" towards the bottom right corner of the page to see the whole list.  Select one or more students from the list, then click "Submit".  

E-numbers of the selected students will appear in the "Username" space of the Enroll Users box.  Click "Submit".



When you are done adding users you should see a purple "Success" bar and a list of all the students in the course.  You may need to click "Show All" to view the entire list.


Add a Teaching Assistant or Co-Instructor

1)  In the Control Panel, select "Users and Groups", and then choose "Users."



2)  From the Users page, click "Enroll User", then select "Find Users to Enroll".  



3)  Enter your TA's or co-instructor's e-number (or other username) in the "Username" space, and select "Teaching Assistant" or "Instructor" from the drop-down menu beside "Role".  Click "Submit".


3.5)  Alternatively, click "Browse" to search for an e-number by first or last name or email.  


Then select "Last Name" or other parameter, enter the information, and click "Go." Once you select "Go" a list of similar last names will be generated.  You may have to click "Show All" towards the bottom right corner of the page to see the whole list.  Select your TA from the list, then click "Submit".  





Choose "Teaching Assistant"  or "Instructor" from the drop-down  menu beside "Role", and click "Submit."

Your TA or co-instructor will now appear within the course's list of users.


Un-enrolling an Instructor

To unenroll an Instructor (or TA), the Instructor must be DEMOTED to a student and then REMOVED.

  1. In Control Panel, under the User and Groups subheading, select Users.

  2. When the class roster displays, select the chevron next to the name of the Instructor you would like to demote to student. Select Change User's Role in Course.

  3. From the Change User's Role in Course page, click the "student" radio button. Click on Submit.

  4. In the class roster list, put a check mark in the box in front of the user that you would like to delete. Then click on the Remove Users from Course Button. 

  5. The class roster should refresh immediately.  If it does not, click on the refresh button on your browser.

More Help

Students should seek assistance from Office of Information Services by visiting the Service Desk on the second floor of Goebel Hall or by calling (630) 617-3767.

  • Your Blackboard username and password are the same as your technology account name and password.
    If you change your password on Blackboard, you are NOT changing your technology account password.

Faculty should consult with their Departmental Library Liaison for Blackboard assistance.  You can also find helpful videos on a variety of Blackboard topics in the YouTube Playlist provided by the Center for Scholarship and Teaching

Additional Resources:

System Requirements

1. Browser Choice

Google Chrome™,

  • most recent stable version and two preceding versions.

Mozilla® Firefox®,

  • most recent stable version and two preceding versions.

Apple® Safari® for MacOS and iOS,

  • two most recent major versions.

Microsoft® Edge®1

  • most recent stable version and two preceding versions


2.  Cookies & Java

Regardless of the browser being used, Blackboard Learn requires the use of session cookies and JavaScript enabled in the user's browser to provide the right experience for teaching and learning.

Blackboard Learn also provides a feature to allow users to acknowledge a cookie disclosure statement when logging in to Learn, as is required in some places. To learn more about this tool, see the Security Management - Data Use and Privacy Disclosure topic.

3.  Third Party Plug-ins

Blackboard Learn doesn’t require additional browser plug-ins, but uploaded and shared content may have plug-in requirements. Users may be prompted to install the additional software when accessing this content or, depending on individual browser security settings, users may need to acknowledge a browser message allowing the plug-in to run on their system.

4. Assistive Technology & Accessibility 

For the best Blackboard Learn experience with your screen reader, use ChromeTM and Jaws on a Windows® system. On a Mac® use Safari® and VoiceOver.

Anthology strives to make all its products as accessible as possible. To learn more about assistive technologies, visit  Accessibility at Blackboard or Accessibility for Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience.

5. No longer supported by Blackboard:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems not running a supported browser
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox versions 50 and lower on desktop; all Firefox versions on mobile devices
  • Chrome versions 56 and lower (version 34 and lower on mobile devices)
  • Safari versions 10 and lower
  • JRE 6 for Blackboard Learn Original user interfaces