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EC STEM Academy 2018: Getting Started



  • What do I need to find for the assignment?
  • Is my topic too broad or too specific?
  • Can I find information on my topic in the library or on the Internet?
  • What search terms do I use?
  • Where can I get background information on a topic?

Library Contact Information

Reference Desk
(630) 617-3173

(630) 617-3160


  • To gain an understanding of "information literacy."
  • To access different types of information, in both print and electronic format.
  • to evaluation sources of information.


Working in assigned groups, you will prepare a short presentation on the effects of temperature on metabolic rate in ectotherms using the data you collected in class. Your presentation, to be created using PowerPoint, must contain the following information:

  1. The common name, genus, and species name of your experimental organism
  2. The geographic location where this species lives
  3. A general description of how you carried out your experiment
  4. A concise description of your results
  5. How your results compare to published reports on the effects of temperature on the metabolic rate of two other ectothermic species

Your presentation should contain a title slide, including the first names of the presenters and should reflect the principles that you learned in the library session that you had with Ms. Paliatka, Ms. Page and Ms. Fox. The presentation must include an image of your study animal.

Your presentation should be concluded with a bibliography slide. You must include at least four sources, only two of which may be websites, the others must be articles. Research techniques that you learned in the library session should be evident in your chosen sources and in your presentation.

Each presentation should be approximately 8-10 minutes in length and should contain no more than 10 slides (including the title and bibliography slides). During this presentation, each member of the group must speak for at least one minute. Remember, this is a GROUP presentation and, in order to be most effective, must be prepared and practiced by ALL group members.