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WL 215: Genocide and the Holocaust: Getting started

Topics and initial starting points

Start with reference sources and books for background information. Try finding scholarly books on your topic--both print and ebooks--see the Holocaust and genocide bibliographies tab for suggested titles.

Research topics- Dr. Summers:

  • Racism in America
  • American treatment of Native Americans
  • American treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II
  • Anti-Semitism in America
  • Rwandan genocide
  • Cambodian genocide
  • Armenian genocide
  • Bosnian massacres and attempted genocide
  • Eugenics movement in America
  • The history (particularly as it relates to the period immediately prior to World War II and during the war) and current state of American immigration policies
  • Films about the Holocaust
  • Russian Gulag
  • Holomodor

Getting Background Information

BlueJay Search

This handy video explains how to get started with BlueJay Search. You can also reach out to the Reference Desk via chat from the library homepage, or email us at