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CJ Criminal Justice Resources: Books

Find Books and More at the A.C. Buehler Library

Some tips on using the I-Share catalog

Some tips for effective I-Share Searching: 

What should you select in the "Search By" box? It depends on what you are looking for....

  • Title Searches: Use when you are looking for a specific book: ie To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Author Searches: Use when you are looking for books written by a particular author: ie William Shakespeare
    • If you are looking for books written about an author, do a Subject search
  • ISBN/ISSN Searches: Use when you are looking for a specific book by the ISBN or a specific journal and you have the ISSN.

There are two kinds of searches you will use when you are researching a SUBJECT:

  • Keyword Searches: Use when you are first starting out with a search and you're not sure what you will find.
    • A keyword search can be a good way to get at more specific words that will help you find more useful information
    • This can be frustrating if the words you are using are not the "right" ones
  • Subject Searches: Use these when you know (or would like to find out) the Subject headings that pertain to your topic.
    • Subject Searching can be an extremely efficient way to find information on a topic
    • The catalog can "help" you figure out what Subject headings are
    • The catalog can "help" you use Subject headings to find more books--you can click on the subject heading and get to more titles

Where do I find ebooks?