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Technology Disaster Guide: Technology Disasters

Purpose and scope

This guide concerns fallback levels of technology service at the A.C. Buehler Library, and steps that can taken to minimize impact, contact responsible parties, and workaround expected and unexpected issues. Some examples of technology "disasters" might include:

  • Loss of power
  • Loss of internet connectivity (i.e. ethernet and/or wireless)
  • Loss of access (e.g. the "domain," proxy server)
  • Loss of printing/ printer problems
  • Loss of websites (i.e. library web site, college home page)
  • Hardware failure (critical and non-critical)

Numbers to know:

  • You can log in to the ticketing system at and use your enumber and enumbers password to log in. Use theLibrary Hardware & Software category.  Please use the computer number and a description of the problem in the ticket.
  • Help Desk x3767
  • Saaema Aslam x3154
  • Jimmy Fitzgerald x3699
  • Martin- Whalen: Supplies 708-570-7747  Service 708-754-6020
  • TBS - Scanner Stations 630-537-1370