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Creating Shorter Links to Share

Sharing Video Files on Blackboard

Blackboard Best Practices recommend that you link to videos rather than upload video files to your course. Instead, upload your videos to YouTube™, Vimeo, or a separate media server on campus and then link to them within your course. Be mindful of intellectual property rules.

This is a two step process. First, you (or your students) will need to upload videos to somewhere outside of Blackboard.

For Elmhurs tUniversity, there are several options that are easily available:

  1. YouTube is easy to use, and anyone who has a Google account has access to YouTube. They have a wonderful (and short!) video on how to upload videos to YouTube: which also talks about how to name your video, describe it, and set privacy.
  2. All students, faculty and staff have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products. One of the products is called Stream. To access Stream, click the "waffle iron" in the upper left corner of Office 365, then More Apps, then Stream.
    • office 365 appsstream
    • After opening Stream, there is a video on how to upload videos to Stream: upload to stream

Step Two is actually linking to the videos (from whatever source) into Blackboard. Blackboard describes linking to files from other online sources as adding "social media" or "mashups." Here is more information from Blackboard on adding mashups to different content areas:

Elmhurst University currently uses "Original Course View" so follow the instructions for that only, not Ultra.